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Beachy Heads


Oh, you know what it’s like. You get out of the habit of doing something and then it just seems too effortful, too contrived to start again. This was, um, that, until I spent some time with some better photographers than I am and was spurred back to activity by their lovely snaps, which are […]

Oh Lord, it’s all a disaster. I’ve massively overreached, what was I thinking, give up now etc. For here we stand, on the eve of Big Walk MkII and I don’t mind admitting I’m really quite scared. I’ve tried rationality (‘You’ve done this before’), taken a punt on logic (‘The days are so long you […]

After all that mid-winter grumbling you might have assumed that the walking season would be well under way by now. But no. Dunno what I’ve been doing with my time but it doesn’t seem to have involved muttering ‘Ticket, map, water, purse’ under my breath while pulling on absurdly oversized waterproofs. But that’s set to […]



Just back from the first of the longer-distance weekend wanders. It had been planned for a long time and involved wheedling an invitation to stay with some old friends. The wheedling technique deployed – should you ever need such a device – goes: ‘Hi xxx! How are things? Listen, I’m going walking down your way […]

There are times and places for things, and I have to say that the middle of winter, during storms that threaten to push sea levels over the flood-defence systems down two thirds of the east coast, is probably not the time to fantasize about walking the Northumberland strand. But there it is. As usual, it’s […]

Coo, that was a bit terse last night. So tired my eyes were closing, though they opened wide again when the entire post was deleted and had to be redone. I’d tired myself not just with walking but with pie and pint in the George in Amesbury, a fine stablishment that caters to the town’s […]

Free lunch


  The first day is done and a beauty it was too. I even resorted to using my map case as a sunshade. Top tip: if a walk is north to south, then you’d better be ready to spend eightish hours with your eyes screwed up. Another one: don’t have a pint of what you […]