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Yes, it might have slowed Londoners down slightly – or at least made them incorporate a bit more movement into their daily commute – but I am grateful to the tube strike. Why? Because London Underground’s bullheaded behaviour has catalysed a chance encounter that has made nightingales sing in Berkeley Square. Sing it, sisters: I’m in love! […]

Damp squib


Some people spend their money on shoes, some on gadgets, some on I dunno vintage railway timetables. I am beginning to spend my money on swimwear. It’s becoming an obsession – and when is an obsession ever healthy? The problem, as ever, lies in the gulf between perception and reality. In perception – all right, […]

Fit for purpose


Here’s an idea. If you are working at Well Known Fashion Magazine during the week, and feeling the pressure so badly you have to go and comfort eat pastry at lunchtime, think carefully about your evening pursuits. Specifically, I would advise against going to the Performance-Sports Shop and trying on swimming costumes. Yes, it was […]

Gone swimmingly


Oh there’s no stopping me now. But that’s only because I’ve just returned from the pool and that always makes me chatty – and heavens, did it afford some stuff to chat about. We are well into FunnyTime, where the guilty come to purge off their Christmas and lie to themselves about new exercise regimes. […]