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World events, eh? I’ve just come back from a trip overseas and those world events, they just have a way of biting you in the arse. Not that I’ve been helping Uighurs towards autonomy, Christians out of Nigeria, or pretty much everybody across the border into Kurdistan. Nope, I’ve just come back from Ibiza, where […]

Eight. That’s eight. Not seven, nor – thank the Lord – nine, but still, that’s quite a good showing to have added that number of pounds to a not-very-big physique in a mere six days. Still, when these eight pounds are placed in the context of the high-end cocktail bars and restaurants of Ibiza, all […]

Ibiza covered


Heavens, the loos at Gatwick south terminal are palatial! Were they the highlight of my Ibizan holiday? No they weren’t, but they were the highlight of hanging around waiting for the 03.05 from Gatwick to Victoria. I’d narrowly missed the 02.05 because we’d to queue for half an hour to get through passport control, a […]



Well, all packed up and ready to go on my next holiday. Slightly to my embarrassment, I seem to be in a phase of work one week, holiday one week, work one week. Today I travel to Ibiza with a suitcase full of brightly coloured new stuff, which I bought yesterday. Nothing like last-minute decisions […]

Back from Beefa


Ibeefa rocks! According to all the posters. And they are right, though in truth we didn’t get much rocking done, deploying our resources more towards the handsome lunches, gourmet dinners and gentle swims end of the spectrum. Amy didn’t even do a handstand once – never mind traverse any living spaces, which was a shame, […]

Holiday reading


This summer is creating the impression – entirely unfounded – that I do bugger all but hang around waiting for my next holiday. Because on recent showing, sure as eggs is eggs, another one’ll be along in a minute. Oh look, I’m off to Ibiza tomorrow. I’m going with my cousin’s family (including 18-month-old goddaughter) […]