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This is what happens BEFORE girls barbecue: lists are made, cocktails are googled, the BBC food website is ransacked for ideas. And steadily, steadily, through the previous week the mercury climbs until the day of the barbecue dawns (after a night of dreadful anxiety dreams) and at least 66% of the household is uneasily aware […]

You’d think that with all these overseas jaunts I’d be fit and ready for the hot weather, but you’d be wrong. The weekend we’ve just had? Hells bells. On Saturday I walked from Tooting to East Dulwich to a barbecue. It was with serious misgivings, but my flatmate is doing a walking marathon at the […]



It’s possible that that was the first and last barbecue of the summer. Ow. Where Saturday was a flurry of vivacious chatter and bonhomie, Sunday took a long time to get going. Slowly, slowly the residents surfaced from their malodorous slumbers, to migrate between kitchen and sitting room, listing on sofas and slumping at tables. […]