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Have you ever wondered what happens if you use hedge clippers to cut their own cable? Please don’t say I’m the only one who has felt their teeth judder to the tune of a power tool and asked themselves, a bit like Father Dougal, what it would actually really feel like if you trained its […]

Well, now that I’ve had the tooth repaired this morning – a large white filling/rebuilding, at a tenth of the price of the dreaded crown – things are looking a lot upper. But by midweek, all in all, I was feeling a bit low, plodding back to the coast on a sunny, breezy morning, a […]

Home I have hobbled, like those marathon runners who probably decided around the 20-mile mark that this really isn’t for them, just as the lids have worn off their blisters and it suddenly feels as if they’re running on knives. Not that I have been running anywhere, just walking and walking and walking. But what […]



Just back from the first of the longer-distance weekend wanders. It had been planned for a long time and involved wheedling an invitation to stay with some old friends. The wheedling technique deployed – should you ever need such a device – goes: ‘Hi xxx! How are things? Listen, I’m going walking down your way […]