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In the pink


It’s funny how an apparently small, everyday, unrelated event can change your view of yourself. Yesterday morning I went swimming before work. Nothing unusual there, but I was somewhat distracted leaving the house because of the previous night’s hi-jinks. I had been watching Doctor Foster on catch-up (brilliant! Watch it) when Housemate No.2 returned home. […]

The Whitstable Bathing Association is reconvening this weekend, this time bound for Dungeness and Rye. Swimming togs will be packed, layered with misgivings, along with jumpers, brolly and money for chips. The misgivings have taken root in fertile soil, watered by the Met Office’s prognostications of 17C modified by the kicker ‘Feels like 13C’. Also, […]

‘You have excellent oral hygiene.’ Let’s read that again, shall we? ‘You have EXCELLENT oral hygiene.’ Heard that this morning, straight from the horse’s mouth, if you will, in the guise of a distractingly handsome dentist. This is good news on two levels: firstly, I’ll take praise from wherever I can get it, and secondly, […]

Beachy Heads


Oh, you know what it’s like. You get out of the habit of doing something and then it just seems too effortful, too contrived to start again. This was, um, that, until I spent some time with some better photographers than I am and was spurred back to activity by their lovely snaps, which are […]

Remember the Buncefield chemical plant fire in about 2005? The one that blackened the skies over London for days and rained respiratory nasties all over the south-east? Well, furb up your gas-masks-fashioned-out-of-wet-tea-towels – and perhaps head upwind for a day or two – because there’s an experiment going on. One that has only just occurred […]

Spice girl


I thought I’d found my soulmate, I really did. This time, I thought, we’ll be together forever. You know when it just floods your whole mind so you can’t think of anything or anyone else? It colours every part of your life? It seems to fill your chest and make your heart flutter? Yeah, well, […]

Right, division-of-labour time: I gloat; you admire. Why’s that – apart from the usual day-to-day admirability that I manifest? Because I have completed my tax return! Not filed it or paid any money, mark you, but completed it. And the feeling is exactly as the ads promised: one of lightness, smugness and glee. Whoever came […]