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Before we take another step, do not read the James Lovelock interview in the Guardian. It sort of forms the whole point of this story, but I really don’t want to crap on your day. See, I read it and felt so awful afterwards that I spoiled a rare evening in the pub and woke […]

It’s hard to avoid it, so I’m not going to try. What about that ash cloud, eh? I’m still snorting in the street at the thought of the business big cheese who was refused passage on a ferry as a foot passenger because there was no space left, but was offered a ticket for a […]

Fruit digestives are a newfangled notion, and if Mr McVitie didn’t get there first, it’s a good idea to ask why.

Being Kerry


Last weekend, with uncharacteristic topicality, I dressed up as Kerry Katona. Little did I realise that within hours her mum was going to be plastered, possibly literally, all over the papers in unedifying connection with class As. But there we go: through accident, brilliance. Whatever that is in Latin. The reason for my make – […]

Friday feeling


A moment’s rumination – just a moment, mind, don’t expect anything big – leads me to conclude that Fridays are by far the most variable nights of my week. Every other day has a bit of a theme. Like sorting my washing or working until 1am. But Fridays? Whoo, Fridays rub the lamp of chaos […]

How do you make a birthday celebration special? Take a punt on the weather and make your friends drive 50 miles to camp in a field. It’ll be the best birthday ever.

Giving blood isn’t as easy at it sounds, what with the long waiting list and the fact that only the most blameless and boring are allowed to donate. So where do I sign?