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Damp patch


The last morning dawns milky and filled with birdsong as I prepare for the final push through Hereford and west. Incidentally, think twice before you try to cross the Wye. It is mysteriously difficult – practically no bridges! Why? Do they fear invasion? Engineering? The automobile? Except there are even footbridges, so you have to […]



As one approaches Tewkesbury, plashing through the pastures, it’s hard not to wonder whether these were the fields on the news last winter, under thousands of gallons of rain. There was more of the stuff this morning, though a good night’s sleep had picked me up from what was a pretty low point last night. […]

Aah, Bicester


Which is presumably a joke the burghers of Bicester have heard once or twice before. And anyway, I didn’t make it to the town, I just skirted south on my way, on foot to Hereford, for it is the occasion of a mighty walk. Too mighty, I decided last night, almost weeping with pain and […]

God is great


Sir Christopher Wren certainly thought so, although I suspect he thought he ran God a pretty close second. In fact, when it came to rebuilding St Paul’s Cathedral after the Great Fire, he probably thought it was even stevens. The man had a point, I thought, as I walked around St Paul’s this cloudless morning, […]