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This morning, before work, I delivered two more courgette seedlings to my garden partner’s doorstep, ready for this evening and my return, when I shall plant them out in the big wide world. As I walked up the street with them, their long, hothouse-attenuated arms and lily-pad hands waving zanily with each of my strides, […]

Organic matter


Oh, this rain! It has at least usefully told me just exactly how unwaterproof much of my walking gear has become. The Berghaus that got drenched on Easter Sunday; the boots that caught the attention of the dog and carried me across Northumberland, both are provably unable to cope with hour after hour of rain […]

Well, now that I’ve had the tooth repaired this morning – a large white filling/rebuilding, at a tenth of the price of the dreaded crown – things are looking a lot upper. But by midweek, all in all, I was feeling a bit low, plodding back to the coast on a sunny, breezy morning, a […]

Home I have hobbled, like those marathon runners who probably decided around the 20-mile mark that this really isn’t for them, just as the lids have worn off their blisters and it suddenly feels as if they’re running on knives. Not that I have been running anywhere, just walking and walking and walking. But what […]

Oh Lord, it’s all a disaster. I’ve massively overreached, what was I thinking, give up now etc. For here we stand, on the eve of Big Walk MkII and I don’t mind admitting I’m really quite scared. I’ve tried rationality (‘You’ve done this before’), taken a punt on logic (‘The days are so long you […]

Yes, it might have slowed Londoners down slightly – or at least made them incorporate a bit more movement into their daily commute – but I am grateful to the tube strike. Why? Because London Underground’s bullheaded behaviour has catalysed a chance encounter that has made nightingales sing in Berkeley Square. Sing it, sisters: I’m in love! […]