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Cheesy moments


I fear I may be sliding back into the bad books – and greed, as ever, is the burned-out brake pad that is getting me there. To Wiltshire for the weekend, and the usual punishingly early start on Saturday morning, which is worth it for the early swim and the ridiculously good bargains that can […]

That’s it. I’ve had it with numbers. Or at least numbers and food. After two years I’ve modified the 5:2 to scrape a scant 6:1. I try to live by the five helpings of fruit and veg per day. But now we’re supposed to be eating seven helpings a day (five veg and two fruit). […]

After all that mid-winter grumbling you might have assumed that the walking season would be well under way by now. But no. Dunno what I’ve been doing with my time but it doesn’t seem to have involved muttering ‘Ticket, map, water, purse’ under my breath while pulling on absurdly oversized waterproofs. But that’s set to […]