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Before we take another step, do not read the James Lovelock interview in the Guardian. It sort of forms the whole point of this story, but I really don’t want to crap on your day. See, I read it and felt so awful afterwards that I spoiled a rare evening in the pub and woke […]

Travel in hope


…because there really is no other way, is there? Not at the moment. Although the second tube strike has just been called off, the last one didn’t cause me much heartache because I used those funny things with the two hinges that stick out of the bottom of my arse. Plus when you travel on […]

A bit sick


Reinstating pre-Christmas (or pre-December, if you’re going to stickle about it) moderation has been a big fat fail thus far. 5:2? Not even 6:1 really, unless you drive a tank over the rules and ignore the evening blowout. But yesterday marked the jump-start. Not because I watched Horizon: Fat vs Sugar on iPlayer (which I […]