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Career gold


If, as we get older, time is supposed to go faster, how is it that January gets longer? On we grind from Boxing Day, through the darkness, waiting for a million gallons of Valentine’s Day effluvia to be sprayed across every retail space and signal that spring is on its way. I’ve been trying to […]



Just back from the first of the longer-distance weekend wanders. It had been planned for a long time and involved wheedling an invitation to stay with some old friends. The wheedling technique deployed – should you ever need such a device – goes: ‘Hi xxx! How are things? Listen, I’m going walking down your way […]

Change of plan


Ah, the new year. So fully tanked with good intentions. Unfortunately, my intentions are running counter to those of Her Majesty’s revenue commissioners, who have issued me with such a whopping tax bill that I saw stars for a minute or two after I’d pressed submit. The year might have opened (and the last one […]

Finally, a housemate has returned from a Christmas spent in Chermany and I am no longer alone in the house. Although not a believer in ghosts, I am a strong believer in crime procedurals, and these things have a cumulative effect. At this point I must have seen about half of Equity attempting to do […]

And a merry new year to us all! Mine’s already an-order-of-magnitude better than the last iteration because when it started I was upright and enjoying life, as opposed to shivering in the host and hostess’s darkened bedroom and throwing up with norovirus. The end of the last one was a bit spicy, though, eh? Fleeing […]