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Arty party


Art eh? Always made me a bit wary, did art. In spite of Mr Lipscomb’s heroic attempts to get a classroom of bovine non-aesthetes to understand that heads aren’t discs and bodies aren’t sticks, and that it’s all a matter of working to a grid, art and I have never really hit it off. This […]



Despite appearances, I am not actually a Luddite, but on the other hand, nor does shiny technology shut down my discrimination glands. The crowds of young people who lose sleep outside my place of work, just off Regent Street, every time Apple coughs up another costly nonsense-pellet are a source of amazement to me. Face […]

Home time


This morning I returned the maps to the library, hung out the last load of washed walking gear and slumped into the glooms of sedentary city dwelling. Generally holidays segue fairly smoothly back into everyday life, but not this time. Boooo. I keep returning to the highlights: the sneaky swim in Figheldean, the over-sharing B […]

Coo, that was a bit terse last night. So tired my eyes were closing, though they opened wide again when the entire post was deleted and had to be redone. I’d tired myself not just with walking but with pie and pint in the George in Amesbury, a fine stablishment that caters to the town’s […]

Plain sight


VERY annoyingly have just spent an hour writing today’s post, on a smartphone, and it wiped. So here’s the potted version. Salisbury Plain is bleak, atmospheric, unnavigable and thunderous with weapons training. The famous Crown at Everleigh is derelict but i scraped my boots on the iron scraper, went round to the stable yard and […]

Bootless rage


Silence yesterday not because I was bobbing about in some concealed slurry tank, my desperate cries unheard, but because I was staying with a friend and didn’t quite feel confident enough of my own charm to shout, oi, stop cooking my dinner and give me your wi fi password. But rest assured, gratifyingly for narrative […]