What we have learned today

  1. Be wary when asking very, very posh people for addresses. If you ask them where Automat is, because you’re meeting friends there for breakfast, they will tell you Dover Street. Do not mishear them and spend 20 minutes walking up and down Davies Street.
  2. 7.30am is too early to buy super-strength lager. I was refused at the Londis on Queenstown Road and then had to tell my new friend, a watery-eyed but polite geezer leaning against the wall who’d hailed me [‘Excuse me, miss’] and handed over a fistful of coins, that he’d have to wait half an hour for his five cans of breakfast.
  3. Skol Super (the brew in question) is a cheeky 9%. And here’s what the experts – or some bloke called Hywel – have to say: ‘Against the other four 9%-ers, I rank it fourth. The worst of a bad bunch. Think about that for a second. How bad does a beer need to be for Carlsberg Special Brew, Tennent’s Super and Kestrel Super to be better?’

I think that’s something for all of us to ponder.


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