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Free lunch


  The first day is done and a beauty it was too. I even resorted to using my map case as a sunshade. Top tip: if a walk is north to south, then you’d better be ready to spend eightish hours with your eyes screwed up. Another one: don’t have a pint of what you […]

W minus 2


For a walk that has taken months to prepare for, I sure am leaving the packing pretty late. Though, of course, the whole POINT is to pack very light because I have to schlep it a minimum of 85.1 miles, according to Google maps. It’s been surprisingly difficult to explain this walk to people, who […]

Fearful of becoming an Olympic bore on this topic, because it has been taking up almost all my bandwidth for the last six weeks, I haven’t really mentioned the big long walk. But initial stages are complete, a not-very-dry (ho ho) run has been executed on the South Downs between Lewes, Ditchling Beacon and Brighton, […]

Be wary when asking very, very posh people for addresses. If you ask them where Automat is, because you’re meeting friends there for breakfast, they will tell you Dover Street. Do not mishear them and spend 20 minutes walking up and down Davies Street. 7.30am is too early to buy super-strength lager. I was refused […]

You know, nature’s all very well, but sometimes you can have a right bellyful of it. Exhibit A: last week. Preparations for a Very Long Walk are under way, and are largely composed of going on Pretty Long Walks, day after day, and then going home to examine the damage picked up along the way. […]