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Or it is if you live round our way and believe that fancy-dress parties are less an excuse to wear something unattractive and more a pin-sharp reflection of yesterday. Actually the party that occurred last weekend was more an opportunity for guests to gossip loudly about drugs in the garden, dismaying your near neighbours who now […]

Men’s matters


As a generally non-confrontational, generally equable type (or ‘cowardly people-pleaser’, in my bleaker moods), I mostly ignore sexism. A combination of pretending not to hear, looking away, thinking happy thoughts and occasionally, if chinned by a particularly egregious example, clicking out a testy tsk, has seen me through. Certainly it did for a couple of […]

Nope, I’ll have to stop you there. I can’t really tell you what my feet have been doing. Yes, I signed them up to walk on England’s mountains green, but if we’re relying on visual evidence alone, any time from last Wednesday-or-so until Sunday is a blank. They could have hopped a flight to Tel […]