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Woodnotes wild


Life is very different once you know you can make fire. Of course, anyone with a box of matches or a lighter can make fire, but that’s not REAL fire. Not the sort you make with a firestarter thingy, a ball of cotton wool and, if you’re feeling particularly skittish, a blob of Vaseline. Because […]

Something old? Jacket, definitely. Something new? Erm, mug. Something blue? Trousers. Something borrowed: well, that’s by far the biggest category and contains compass, rucksack, sleeping bag, knife, first aid kit, tarp and sleep mat. The needle has been oscillating between sheepish and gleeful for some time but I can’t keep it in any longer: this […]

As the chronic over-commitment continues (symptom-in-chief: an inability to say no and a misplaced belief that I don’t need much sleep anyway), I was flying out of the house an hour or two after dawn on Saturday morning en route to the railway station, and paused only to throw a loving glance at the heavily […]

That’s it, time to move into the garden. I have been ousted by the plants – all my own fault, of course – but almost everywhere seems to have some sort of seed tray demonstrating various degrees of inertia. It’s the funny weather. It’s made me panic at the lack of stuff planted out yet, […]

Unfully armed


I have been underground for a long time, buried under work, escaping only to pull some muscles at pilates. One way, incidentally, to spoil a pilates class, is to dig out two compost bins the day before. Not only will you give yourself a nasty scare by revealing the end of some glistening, greyish and […]