Piffle portfolio


Aaaand thus the talk turns to weather, mostly through the prism of heating bills. Though in truth, money in general seems to be a bit of a thing at the moment, entering as we are the home straight of the Annual ISA Steeplechase. I’ve decided to stick a toe back into stocks and shares, the toe that was yanked back with a yell as Iceland’s banks disappeared below the waves in October 2008.

Since then I’ve studied politics at college and done a lot more chatting. That’s one of the great things about time passing – the people you meet (let’s call them ‘friends’) actually know things about things. Without a by-your-leave the drunks, fools and ne’er-do-wells that formed the backdrop of my college years have sneaked off and become experts in their field; their conversation now yields real, verified facts placed within well-informed context. I’m not saying I necessarily miss the boozy braggarts of yesteryear, but sometimes I wonder where they came from, these clear-eyed changelings.

Anyway, I spent much of Sunday reading up about funds and running the information through my Gleaned-Fact Randomiser. Remember Eddie the physicist who said that solar was really the only viable, widespread renewable fuel? Barbara the doctor who told you that drugs research was stalling? The NY Times piece stating that any company ‘promoting shareholder value’ is heading for the wall? The chat with Alice who says the microfinance company she interned for is opening more offices? The interviews you keep editing with designers talking about their push into new territories?

Next, stir in your own emotional sense of the world (note: a lot of these will make you sound like your friends used to, when they were still morons). To wit: ‘There must be loads of Indians who want a piece of the pie’; ‘Getting their man into the Vatican must be cheering up Latin America no end’; ‘Surely Japan can’t stay shit forever,’ etc.

Then take a pin, close your eyes, breathe ‘luck be a lady tonight’ and start stabbing in the dark. Bah.


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