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Aaaand thus the talk turns to weather, mostly through the prism of heating bills. Though in truth, money in general seems to be a bit of a thing at the moment, entering as we are the home straight of the Annual ISA Steeplechase. I’ve decided to stick a toe back into stocks and shares, the […]

Oh, aglow with goodness, I am! Bursting my buttons with self-satisfied good-egginess. Not from the recent week in Ireland, across which we will stare with unseeing eyes, stopping only to note that Lent resolutions should – that’s SHOULD – be broken if a seven-year-old boy tells you he’s baked a cake especially to welcome you. […]

I blame page 63. Though that’s probably not fair; Ludgate Circus should surely shoulder at least some of the responsibility and St Paul’s needn’t look so smug either. See, I was out with an old friend who was over from Ireland for a gardening show. Now, apologies to the eager beavers, but we are going […]