Electrical storm


Recent moans with a friend, along the ‘Why’s it so cold?’ lines that have been worn into grooves this winter. Shut my mouth sharpish today ­– though only after it had been hanging open for a few minutes while a colleague outlined the scene that greeted him at home last night. It sounded like a cartoon. A phone call informing him that a carpenter had drilled through a wire had primed him to expect trouble in paradise. Trouble, not chuffing disaster. Luckily the chippy had selected an insulated drill, otherwise, as he shakily informed the lady of the house, he’d have been dead.

Blackened surfaces, a scorch up to the ceiling, a huge crack across the floor. It even blew the plaster off the walls. ‘Daddy, the house is broken,’ was his three-year-old daughter’s dismayed analysis. No hot water, no light etc has pushed them out to camp with some friends nearby. The electricity company is obliged to put it right at top speed but if there’s snow, all bets are off. Snow = chaos in ElectricityFixingLand, according to the experts. Never have the flurries been eyed with such anxiety in this office. And complaining about the cold has never felt so tactless.


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