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Recent moans with a friend, along the ‘Why’s it so cold?’ lines that have been worn into grooves this winter. Shut my mouth sharpish today ­– though only after it had been hanging open for a few minutes while a colleague outlined the scene that greeted him at home last night. It sounded like a […]

Aqua vomita


I don’t like whisky. Unfortunately it was during a tasting in a posh whisky shop that this finally calcified into certainty. It was a friend’s birthday treat and ten of us had assembled for an evening of peaty swirlings. Coo, those single-cask malts are hard work. Sampling wine is much easier – how can anyone […]

Ladies last


Hurray! In Britain, women aged 30 and over got the vote on this day in 1918! It seems astonishing that there was ever any quibble that women should be entitled to that right, given that they mop up the consequences of most government policies. But then again, news from Ireland of a mealy-mouthed non-apology from […]