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Penny wise


Vive la France – and in particular bravo/hélas to the city of Dijon, which has hommed-up to its crumbling finances et, um, y’know, grasped le taureau par les cornes. (Seen in the Guardian today): ‘…France reels from the news that its labour minister had described the country as “totally bankrupt”.  Michel Sapin told radio listeners yesterday that: “There […]

Sweet treats


Spoiler alert! (If you’re iPlayering). I’ve never been a fan of reality TV, or talent shows. Mebbe it was a memory of boring nights, drying my hair in front of the fire and watching New Faces and Opportunity Knocks of that ilk, pungently accompanied by the ominous melty fumes from my nylon dressing gown, that […]

Rumour has it that you’re not actually supposed to spend a minute or two every morning ouching and oofing en route to your bedroom door as your aches subside. Who knew? Well, as of yesterday, I am now in possession of a 52kg cloud of fleece and hemp, stitched by pixies in mattress factory in […]

Puppy RIP


Picture this – and it may not be a stretch – a grim, sleety, office-bound Monday. But hurrah for fractured domestic arrangements! One of this week’s colleagues shares with his ex-girlfriend custody of their utterly charming doggie, Ruby. Dogcare arrangements being what they are, Ruby was scheduled to spend a day with us, snoozing in […]

‘Oh God, oh Christ, but at least I’m not the Duchess of Cambridge’. That was one of my first thoughts of 2013 – an unusual place to start a year, one might think, until one pans out and sees that I was thinking that while on all fours, forehead resting on the blessedly BLESSEDLY cool […]