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The only good thing about being ill just before Christmas is that without a few hours of daytime TV under my belt, it’s doubtful I would know that Airwick has produced a mulled wine-scented air freshener. Can you even imag…? Who doesn’t love a virus with a full-spectral load of achy, sleepy, sweaty and weepy? […]

It was the company-wide party last night, in a posh hotel. Our team was about 20 minutes late, by which time a man with a clicker had taken up station at the door to the ballroom, and told us severely that the room was already ‘at capacity’. So for an embarrassing 15 or so minutes […]

Quiet life


By dint of babysitting, sheepish requests for a nice cup of tea instead and simply misreading my diary, I reach the end of the week as pink and white (as opposed to grey and yellow) and well rested as I entered it. And tonight I return home in triumph, gleefully relieved that I am not […]

Oh, the shame! Our new housemate asked falteringly whether it would be ok to get a Christmas tree for the house. Looks of astonishment were wiped off fast, replaced by horror that we’d been busted for being more bleak midwinter than merrie gentlemen. I haven’t had a Christmas tree since I were a nipper – […]