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Let’s leave aside today. I think would be best, don’t you agree? Given the aftermath of the pub-quiz-and-Wandle-ale mash-up that saw me struggle to achieve the perpendicular this morning. Oh dear. That’s what happens when a very popular housemate chooses to move out and has to be waved off in style at the end of […]

Home work


Thank heavens that’s over and we’ve decided! I cannot believe how draining domestic matters are, especially when they involve grinning inanely at strangers, trying to kick their tyres to find out if they’re mental while communicating your own non-mentalness, before inviting them to move into the house where you sleep only a staircase away from […]

A forced issue


More thinking that actually, it’s not old-fashioned, it’s right. I’M right. This time we’re leapfrogging the bit where I tell young journalists that checking their facts against accurate sources is the most important thing they can do. This time we’re going back to the end of September, when I joined a friend at the pro-choice […]

Ah, the old esprit de l’escalier – that sense of coming up with the perfect riposte when halfway down the stairs, clomping away from the slammed door after a row. Fortunately, it is only on the rarest of occasions that I have been thus afflicted – not because my brain is perpetually at a rolling […]

Nope, still appalled. I thought if I gave it a few hours, then I’d have decided that praps it doesn’t matter, it’s just a party. Mind you, I thought a few hours’ sleep was all I needed, yet I woke up this morning even more upset than when I dropped off. It had been a […]