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Are Celebrations kosher? It’s this sort of question, framed before you’ve even had your breakfast, that mark certain days out from the crowd. I was due in the country to stay with a cousin who had invited some Jewish friends, and it being Friday and all, they’d be celebrating shabat. Which made me wonder whether […]

Memory lane


Funny how certain situations can drag you back to feeling exactly – but EXACTLY – how you felt in your youth, regardless of how many years have passed and how deep you thought those memories were buried. Getting badly sunburned. Starting a conversation in a room full of strangers. Trying to get dressed quickly after […]

No, I haven’t fasted so much that I’m now too weak to tap a keyboard, but it has taken up quite a lot of head space. And I just haven’t done anything interesting or noteworthy – unless…no. You wouldn’t… would you? Be interested in diseases of domestic fruit trees? You would? Why, pull up a […]