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Yeah, so I didn’t die or anything, but as I embark on the second fast I have already learned some tips. Eagle-eyed sticklers will be squeaking in their eagerness to point out that the name of the regime is the 5:2 diet not the 6:1 diet, but you know what? There’s nothing people hate more […]

Ok, this might not be a brilliant idea, but I’m trying it anyway, and it’s not just because Michael Mosley did it and I love him so much I want to doodle his name in glittery pen on my face. The Mosley Effect is significant, but the other reason is Rosie, the small and charming […]

I can’t remember if we’ve covered this – because I can’t remember anything any more – but I’m useless around famous people. Shyness isn’t a thing for me as a rule, but put me in the same room as someone whose face I’ve seen often but never addressed, and I’m as shuffle-footed and stare-at-the-floory as […]