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Funny old world


See, I told you it was worth talking to strangers! Heading back to London on a packed train after the bank holiday weekend, I wanted nothing more than to immerse myself in templating the content for an Irish government department on my laptop. You know that feeling. Anyway, the girl beside kept craning across me […]

Search me


One of the features of a wordpress blog is that you can see the search terms that readers have used to find you. Apart from that strange flurry of interest by the good doggers of Balham, I am usually confronted with an anodyne combination of the words vanessa, harriss, wordpress and blog. Until today, when […]

You’d think that with all these overseas jaunts I’d be fit and ready for the hot weather, but you’d be wrong. The weekend we’ve just had? Hells bells. On Saturday I walked from Tooting to East Dulwich to a barbecue. It was with serious misgivings, but my flatmate is doing a walking marathon at the […]

Iss bery escary


It’s not nice and I’m not proud of it, but having shaken the dust off my sandals from the fourth – yes, fourth – holiday this summer, I am feeling horribly aggrieved that it’s my last until nearly Christmas. Boo. And booooo. In the past I’ve found holidays a bit of a chore. They’re nice […]