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Chat with a friend in Ireland about watching the Olympics. Last night I repaired to the sofa with my housemates and we exercised ourselves with questions like why are divers so camp? Why do they only play snatches of songs very loudly at beach volleyball? No, wait, why do they play any music at all? […]

Well, at least the itching’s stopped. For the last week I’ve been sporting a left arm that slowly went from swollen, red and scourged to normal-sized, red and scourged. To cut a long story short by editing out explanation and context, last Sunday I offered to pick raspberries for a B&B owner in the Forest […]

This time last week I was asleep. Or I might have just woken up in time to sit for 10 minutes on a bus on the corner of Amien Street, the final ribbons of hangover finally departing. See, I’d been in Connemara for a few blissful days, walking, sunning, eating chowder, and I’d ended the […]

Soggy plod


Does anyone else feel perpetually on the back foot when it comes to family matters? I’m an aunt and a godmother, and I’m plagued by an uneasy sense that there’s a whole world of duties out there that I should be fulfilling. Educational treats, cosy chats, spiritual welfare boosting, that sort of thing. Ulp. My […]

Holiday romance? For the first 24 hours I was the only woman not reading Fifty Shades of Grey by the pool

Ibiza covered


Heavens, the loos at Gatwick south terminal are palatial! Were they the highlight of my Ibizan holiday? No they weren’t, but they were the highlight of hanging around waiting for the 03.05 from Gatwick to Victoria. I’d narrowly missed the 02.05 because we’d to queue for half an hour to get through passport control, a […]