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Well, all packed up and ready to go on my next holiday. Slightly to my embarrassment, I seem to be in a phase of work one week, holiday one week, work one week. Today I travel to Ibiza with a suitcase full of brightly coloured new stuff, which I bought yesterday. Nothing like last-minute decisions […]



Overhead in the lift at work this morning: a woman, rather shaken, was saying she’d just witnessed two male swans trying to drown each other as she cycled along a towpath in north London. It was, apparently, ‘horrific’. Already gathered on the bank was a small crowd of worried citizens, whose more enterprising members elected […]

Claiming myself – without irony – as a person with unfashionably deeply held monarchist views (for reasons both whimsical and hard-headed, but we haven’t time to go into them now), it is somewhat ironic to admit that I did practically nothing royal-related over the jubilee weekend. Though as a London-dweller who has endured the assault […]