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Barely there


Ah, summer summer summer, the time to reveal a bit more flesh. But how much is too much? I ask this after striding triumphant and coatless along Oxford Street, popping into several shops (will the search for pretty swimwear never end?), browsing the John Lewis food hall and finally returning to the office, only to […]

Damp squib


Some people spend their money on shoes, some on gadgets, some on I dunno vintage railway timetables. I am beginning to spend my money on swimwear. It’s becoming an obsession – and when is an obsession ever healthy? The problem, as ever, lies in the gulf between perception and reality. In perception – all right, […]

Goodness, nothing takes the shine off a hot day like a hangover. And isn’t a hangover so much worse, so much less escapable, when the air you breathe in is as hot as the air you wheeze out? I’d fallen into bed at VeryLate ayem on Saturday/Sunday after a Destroyers gig at the Hootenanny in […]

Because this week hadn’t been QUITE draining enough, I got home last night to find half the back door on the kitchen floor and the entire house ransacked. Cupboards hanging open and contents all over the floor, drawers pulled out and dumped, clothes festooned across the room, bed and bedding pulled apart. Shitting hell. Shitting […]

Speak up


Let’s leave the accusations of icy pragmatism to one side, shall we? Hmm? See, after a couple of years of not-getting-the-dates-to-work, I and a media college in a popular seaside resort on the south coast (Hiya Brighton!) had finally scheduled a date to come and address their students. You know the sort of thing, said […]

Wahey! A new level of horribleness! Whose very triviality somehow ups the horribleness. Of all brainless things, it’s a wardrobe crisis – but any help would be gratefully received. What, pray, does one wear to one’s mother’s memorial service? Absolute denial that it’s happening has been great so far, but eventually, like it or not, […]

Sound vision


You know those useless gadgets in your kitchen – the ones that just gather dust and don’t work properly and just use up space? Since 5 April – digital switchover day – we’ve had one on the worktop and negotiations are continuing with what to do about it. Finally a verdict has/might have been reached. […]