Timely management


Ah, those big chunks of time in a freelancer’s life – the ones where you’re released from the office. Isn’t it great to have some time off? So you can pootle about the garden, picking the crisp bags out of the rosemary and wondering whether those weirdly hairy plants with the blue flowers and the EeZeeSnap roots are going to spark a reaction so severe you’ll have to jog down to St George’s with a closing throat and giganto hands. In truth, hairy plants notwithstanding, a bit of time off sounds lovely. Unless you’re a freelancer. Then time off means fear. Thus it was, 10 days ago, that I stood on the crag of my last office stint and surveyed the blasted Heath of No Work.

Then hallelujah! Financial reports! And how often do you see those words yoked together? So that’s what I’ve been doing for 12 hours a day, in between setting some seeds and planting some jasmine with a vague idea of training it up a pillar. I was thinking of telling the landlord I wanted to anchor it to the gutter, just to hear the key change in his voice, but then I thought property owners don’t always find structural damage jokes that funny.

I did have plans to spring-clean the kitchen and even took the bucket and mop out from under the stairs. They keep smiling brightly at me as I walk past, with or without a mug of tea, depending on the direction of travel. I shall have to break their little hearts. It’s back under the stairs for you, my poppets, as bone dry as when you came out. Though I’m definitely going to hoover up those mouse turds I just found under the fridge.


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