A Tooting vignette


Walking home from the pool yesterday lunchtime. Spotted, neatly stacked on the kerbstones outside a house with a high fence: 1) Two leatherette-covered books with Hindi titles, 2) A Tayeb prayer book, with what looked like a big puddle of blood (might have been gravy) all over the side of the pages 3) A Fat Slags puzzle book.

I still cannot fathom it.


2 Responses to “A Tooting vignette”

  1. 1 ironemu

    I’ve been noticing that shops in Tooting often provide two services. There is the real estate agency that doubles as a cafe (think we talked about that one) but my favourite so far (though I dare not enter) is the yoghurt shop that also fixes computers.

    • 2 vanessaharriss

      Or the supermarket that also processes visa applications. Wtf?

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