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Yeah, what he said. One of the annoying things about being able to read is reading stuff that people have written that, like, puts shit really well, yeah? You’d think I’d be accustomed to that by now – heaven’s sake it happens often enough, I should be match fit. But even so, at least once […]

Cutting a dash


Humph. The Esther Williams experiment has already suffered a setback, thanks to a haircut that makes me look like Christopher Robin. Or possibly Peter Tork from The Monkees. Setback number two arrived with the bathing suit. I didn’t look like the girl in the pic. Why does this still worry me? I know how they […]

Ok, we know that shopping for unknown quantities on the interweb holds some pretty spicy potential. Unless it’s a book or an exact replica of something you’ve already got, it carries with it rich possibilities for rage, bewilderment, gloom or comedy. Holiday lets – they’re a bit exciting. Dating – that carries us more into […]

Ah, those big chunks of time in a freelancer’s life – the ones where you’re released from the office. Isn’t it great to have some time off? So you can pootle about the garden, picking the crisp bags out of the rosemary and wondering whether those weirdly hairy plants with the blue flowers and the […]

Walking home from the pool yesterday lunchtime. Spotted, neatly stacked on the kerbstones outside a house with a high fence: 1) Two leatherette-covered books with Hindi titles, 2) A Tayeb prayer book, with what looked like a big puddle of blood (might have been gravy) all over the side of the pages 3) A Fat […]