Hearty greetings


This week in a magazine staffed by young women of such beauty that unsurprisingly the workday was punctuated by harried-looking deliverymen hefting boxes and bouquets all over the building. I made the mistake of going to M&S on Oxford Street at lunchtime. The food hall is always busy but today it was completely packed with wild-eyed men scooping up Prosecco and horrid little bunches of red roses and baby’s breath. Sorry, that should read ‘lovely bunches’, but only if you’re visiting from 1981.

I took a break this year from making mixtapes and tying ribbons round swans’ necks (I’ve never actually tried it myself, but if you’re ever tempted, give each swan a good poke with a stick first – makes ’em stretch out their necks something lovely). Instead I hurried home to work on a freelance project: banking in Latin America. I’m only on page 76, but fingers crossed I’ll soon find out how vehicle-financing credit agreements in Costa Rica stack up against the uptake of prepaid credit cards in Venezuela.


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