Whittled away


Apologia for the silencio. I wish I had a good reason, beyond feeling that I just didn’t have anything interesting to say. This is not usually motive enough to keep silence – in fact sometimes I just start blethering in the hopes that something will come along, and usually it does. But not this week. Not today.

The only thing to say is blimey, Whitney Houston, eh? At least ITV2 will have a reason on which to hang its hitherto un-reasonable insistence on showing The sodding Bodyguard every five days. It’s on right now. Enjoy. It’s the sister! She’s dead jealous of Whitneypopstar’s success! And Gary Kemp’s a nasty man. And Kevin Costner’s got a veh sharp samurai sword with which he ruins a perfectly nice silk scarf in a really puzzling, out-of-character, bondage-lite, wtf-is-going-on-now? scene. And they don’t get it on, not really, but Shee-hee-eee/ Will awwwlwaays lu-huv hiiiim… The end.

Now turn over to ITV2+1 and watch most of it all over again.


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