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Erk! The downside of freelancing has to be the increased exposure to bugs. In Dublin I lived on my own and walked to work, a pretty, 20-minute stroll along the canal. When I moved to London I started travelling regularly by tube, train and bus. God, I’d never been so ill so often in all […]

Grave concerns


Last Friday night to Gravesend for a mate’s family birthday party. Nice place, Gravesend, though eerily deserted as I walked through the town, only my footfalls for company etc. It’s really pretty – from what I could see in the darkling streets – but it was very strange. Where is everyone? I thought. Has a […]

This week in a magazine staffed by young women of such beauty that unsurprisingly the workday was punctuated by harried-looking deliverymen hefting boxes and bouquets all over the building. I made the mistake of going to M&S on Oxford Street at lunchtime. The food hall is always busy but today it was completely packed with […]

Whittled away


Apologia for the silencio. I wish I had a good reason, beyond feeling that I just didn’t have anything interesting to say. This is not usually motive enough to keep silence – in fact sometimes I just start blethering in the hopes that something will come along, and usually it does. But not this week. […]

I’ve been asked to translate a feature from Italian to English. I don’t speak Italian and I don’t know anything about waste management, the topic under discussion. I am, in short, a leftfield sort of candidate for the job. Anyway, the nettle is there to be grasped. Step one: take your 2,000 words (2,000 words? […]