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Ok, this is weird. I know it’s weird, but I’m wary. I want to write about Rosie, but it could land me in a world of trouble, at least in the eyes of the ‘friends’ I have made over the last few years. Actually, they’re not friends at all, they are keyword-searching crazies attracted by […]

Strange moment on the tube this morning. Crawling towards Victoria station, on the Victoria line, the intercom runs through its usual sunny mix of jingles, direct orders and disapproving pre-recorded rebukes. So we’ve moved down the carriage, tingling at the Sliding Doors potential offered by the rainbow of tube lines available just a few yards […]

Cool, mon cul


This week has been spent at a posh interiors magazine where I learned a phrase that has been a stone in my shoe ever since. This artistic type was explaining how her apparently casually mismatched home had been ruthlessly edited from finds she had picked up over the years. And how had she magpied together […]

Box clever


Sad news about the Little Chef, or ‘iconic roadside diner’ as the Sun has called it. I know this story is a few days old, and it’s not that I’m only able to write about it now, having dragged myself from my couch of grief. But I’m still a bit sad that it’s having to […]

Ooh, catch me if you can! I’m afire, a whirling dervish, a human snowplough of mixed metaphors and exaggeration. See, things have been a bit sluggish of late. Maybe my chakras have popped out of their designated ley lines. Maybe I’ve been sitting too far from my healing crystals. Maybe I’ve just been going to […]

Yup, they remembered the story. I was hoping I could just brass it out but it was just about the VERY FIRST THING that was mentioned, once we’d got the Christmas/new year greetings out of the way. I smiled tightly, mixed my drinks and pretty soon was laughing like drain at everyone else’s salty tales […]