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A numbers game


Is this the most boring week of the year? Surely it must be. Despite my body’s best efforts to give me something to do, courtesy of cold numero trois (or is it quatre?), the time has dragged. Tomorrow things will brighten up again because I’m off to Lincolnshire to stay with my goddaughter. Her parents […]

There are several good things about freelancing, esp at year-end, and I have chosen to list them according to the overworked organisational trope of the seven deadly sins. Yes, I am a little bit bored. Look under sloth and you’ll find out why. Envy: Posh magazines send posh Christmas cards to their scattered drones. This […]

Thump. The sound of me finally rolling off the end of the party conveyor belt. I shouldn’t be ungrateful – God knows January will be dead – but we did get to a point last week where I had to gird myself. Metaphorically hoist up the trousers like fat-man Oliver Hardy about to shift a […]

I’m never keen on eye tests. My vision is fine (20/20, if that doesn’t spoil the punchline) though last Friday’s route march through the darkling city with only a mini A-Z for guidance did feel like a bit of a chore. Streets in the City are tiny, higgledy and don’t have enough space to hold […]

Party pants


In an attempt to bolster my new, sunnier outlook (‘We’re all fucked so have a laugh’, see below) I have been trying to kick the old me into touch. Results have been patchy – the grumpy version has been in the ascendant for too many months to give up easily – but the cause received […]

Currently trying a revolutionary new treatment for winter ailments. Take massively heavy doses of cold remedies and keep going. If keeping going entails hopping on a plane – ear pops! – walking all over Dublin rumbling a wheelie case with you for days, drinking every evening and sleeping in a different bed every night, so […]