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Irkety irk


From a pleasant weekend at home, whence I had dragged my leaden bones. That cold turned into a full-on virus-gloomer, bleaky bluesville. Oceans of self-pity sloshing about with snot in such awe-inspiring quantities that it seemed impossible for one small head to produce. So went home to be fed royally and enquired after, jacking up […]

Lavender blue


A fat-lunged ache-fest has been in residence for the last week and a half. I have been roosting puffily at home, alternating floppy self-pity with don’t-kid-yerself overactivity in the sweet spot when the medicaments are peaking. This has meant patchily frantic housework, spurred on by the apparently VAST amount of stimulants they put into cold […]

Fruit of toil


Sunday evening. Sitting at the kitchen table, just me and a bag of fruit. Yup, it’s the annual me/quince standoff. We have been left alone together by a household of partygoers and touring actors – something of a reversal, because up to now I’ve been the one out gallivanting. Which is why the quinces have […]