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Well, two weekends that couldn’t be more different! The only thing uniting them is me, a favourite cardigan and a vaguely disgruntled liver. Weekend the first was down in the beautiful bit of Kent, all autumn colours and wonkily charming oasthouses. We browsed an auction house – I know nothing about antiques so was happily […]

Fresh from another weekend in Wiltshire, where my dad seems to be thinking up ever more yokelly treats to tempt me out of London (note: it works). Thus a couple of weeks ago we went apple scrumping. For the last few years it wasn’t scrumping, it was just picking up windfalls from a sadly neglected […]

Ding dong


Quickly now – we’ve got a lot to get through. First things first: the wedding. Firster than that, though: the chuffing journey down there. Bloody hell! It’s only bloody Berkshire! I went wrong before I’d even boarded a train. ‘Change at Reading’ is a lie. This won’t be a blow-by-blow; it’s boring for you and […]



Oh, I’m just a girl who can’t say no. Having slain the dissertation beast, I then said yes to a masseevo freelance project that had been lurking in the shadows for a couple of months. Nearly done – very tight deadlines, had to recruit mates to help – at which point normal service will be […]

Look, I’m not great with the unexpected. A surprise birthday party fills me with horror – unless it’s a ‘surprise’ birthday party, which means someone has, mmm, not exactly given it away but perhaps whispered that I would be a lot happier in a few hours if I brush my hair and wear a skirt. […]