All change


A part of me is wondering whether the bride had this much trouble putting together her outfit. So far I have found a dress, eventually some shoes, left my card in the shop – having failed to detect the loss for 24 hours – and spent a king’s ransom on a boring handbag. I wasn’t paying attention, thinking it can’t be more than about 40 quid. One hundred and seventy-five pounds. Let’s hear that again. One hundred and seventy-five pounds. That’s more than any other part of the whole bloody outfit. But I was so embarrassed/grateful to the staff for holding onto my card – as opposed to finding that I’d lost it in the street to a passing online poker addict – that I couldn’t bring myself to shriek and demand that they cancel the sale. I’ll take it back next week.

So then we had the Wedding Summit round at a friend’s house, where we happily batted about phrases like ‘statement cuff’, ‘lengthens the line’ and ‘it’s just not working hard enough’ for two hours. But all that good work and bloviation has been undone. It’s going to be sweltering, so I’m gonna wear something I already own.


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