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All change


A part of me is wondering whether the bride had this much trouble putting together her outfit. So far I have found a dress, eventually some shoes, left my card in the shop – having failed to detect the loss for 24 hours – and spent a king’s ransom on a boring handbag. I wasn’t […]

Picture the scene. You’ve got a wedding to go to, perhaps following on from that hen weekend you attended a couple of weeks back. You’ve decided you’d like a new dress. You’re working in central London, as a freelancer, and you think this would be a good time to pop out in your lunch break […]

Well, that’s the dissertation finished and handed in. I’d like to add to that anecdote – a few bells perhaps, couple of whistles, some go-faster stripes – to imbue it with a greater sense of occasion, but I can’t. There’s absolutely nothing interesting to say about finishing a big project beyond ‘I finished it’, with […]

Oh, petal


Just talking to a mate who complained of flagging energy over the last couple of months. A general lack of zip and zing, she said, which she has found puzzling and troublesome. Being a good friend, as I so notably am, I was able to furnish her with a solution drawn from my own experience […]

Stress relief?


Hello, Fear! I was wondering where you’d got to. Oh, and here’s your friend Self-Pity, panting in behind you. Actually, Fear turned up a couple of days ago; Self-Pity only arrived this morning. The dissertation – in case the situation is still unclear – ain’t going so well. I get up early, too early, and […]