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In a glorious conflation of selflessness and self-interest, I have scored 10 days in Dublin house-sitting for a friend, thereby providing me with space to think, concentrate and write my dissertation without the distractions of London. Displacement activities are pruned hard when out of the home context. Cleaning or hoovering seem a lot less tempting […]

Oh dear. I think we’re back to normal now, but on Sunday I was living in a plague pit. Or a bear cave. Or whatever you call a place where 66% of the populace have terrible terrible hangovers. I was up early because of a hideous tidal wave of work, nonetheless refreshed by the knowledge […]

Growing fruit and veg – it’s a bit long haul, innit? I mean, admittedly not like waiting for an oak forest to mature or learning Arabic (why they have no vowels? Why thy hv n vwls?), but even so. It outstrips my attention span and outlives my paltry sense of responsibility. You spend ages spilling […]

Hot Metal


Ok, have been glued to the minute-by-minute updates regarding the cohorts of darkness at News International. One much-loved ex-colleague had moved to the News of the World – more specifically selling ads in Fabulous and therefore absolutely and utterly blameless – and has been fielding messages of support on Fb. Whole thing stinks. However, when […]

Park life


Back in the posh bit of London for the next couple of weeks, and thus back to my favourite haunt for lunchtime eavesdropping: Berkeley Square. It’s an excellent spot because it’s usually pretty busy, so people sit close together, and it’s surrounded by high buildings, meaning there are very few inconvenient breezes to snatch away […]