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Fair game


Funny thing about family life — other people’s families, not mine — is that they play games together. I went off the whole card game/boardgame thing at around the age of nine. I’m not being sniffy about them, quite the reverse. I gave up games because even I was aware that the sulks monumentalis they […]

Back from Beefa


Ibeefa rocks! According to all the posters. And they are right, though in truth we didn’t get much rocking done, deploying our resources more towards the handsome lunches, gourmet dinners and gentle swims end of the spectrum. Amy didn’t even do a handstand once – never mind traverse any living spaces, which was a shame, […]

Holiday reading


This summer is creating the impression – entirely unfounded – that I do bugger all but hang around waiting for my next holiday. Because on recent showing, sure as eggs is eggs, another one’ll be along in a minute. Oh look, I’m off to Ibiza tomorrow. I’m going with my cousin’s family (including 18-month-old goddaughter) […]

Star quality


Ssh, please. I’m concentrating, y’know, getting into character, ready for my close-up. Which might turn out to be a faraway, or indeed a not-in-the-frame-at-all. But I’m a fame whore now, and no-one’s going to get in my way. You hear me, World? It all started at my current place of work, a magazine publisher which […]

Aren’t language mashups the best? When they can’t express a certain idea – or someone else got there first – they can just lean over the fence, hoik out the useful word with a shrimping net and pull it over to their side. Melvyn Bragg once told me, from his house in the telly, that […]