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On the Gower


Back from a week in Wales, which was lovely. We crossed the Severn from sunny skies and into banks of black cloud, which were dumping their payload onto the Gower when we arrived. High winds too, as I slammed the door of the car and saw in the reflection that my hair was standing vertically. […]



Off I go, taking my bockety neck and staring eyes, to try and regain a sense of equilibrium in south Wales for a week. The Gower, more precisely, for what might turn out to be six days of soggy plod across unexceptional headlands. Or it might be soul-restoring glory in which I learn to stop […]



Thank God that’s over. Exams now finished and garnished with a mild hangover, and now I’m coming out of revision purdah. Dunno what to do with myself and I can’t think straight anyway. Hey ho. I’ll probably start off with a bit of ambling about, moving on to pottering, and all punctuated with some staring […]

Mumble shuffle


I’m still alive, though Getting Peculiar. Revision revision revision insanity. Strange trousers, shuffling gait, 400 mugs of tea per day, bit mental patienty. I was even writing essays in my sleep last night, though it seemed to involve a lot more flailing around than is usual in daylight essay composition. Duvet turbulence, awake at five, […]