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Comment is crap


My birthday yesterday. I kicked it off by waking late and slightly hungover, thanks to the previous evening spent with a study group discussing the G20. That level of excitement cries out for a pint afterwards; it’s the only way to come down from the high-octane exchanges on representation and legitimacy. Rock it. So I […]

Yes, thank you, I know you’re meant to spread these out a bit, not write two on one day, but there it is. From inconsistency and chaos come evolution. And now I’ve admitted I’m God, I think we can move on to the chief topic on the niggle list which is, as eagle-eyed readers will […]



It’s possible that that was the first and last barbecue of the summer. Ow. Where Saturday was a flurry of vivacious chatter and bonhomie, Sunday took a long time to get going. Slowly, slowly the residents surfaced from their malodorous slumbers, to migrate between kitchen and sitting room, listing on sofas and slumping at tables. […]

Tooled up


Another milestone coming up – the first barbecue of 2011 is scheduled for the weekend. Presumably we won’t be alone. Supermarket shelves will be stripped of beer, Pimm’s and fire accelerant (Now That’s What I Call A Party Mix: 35) and all of south London will smell of burning. Last weekend was spent in the […]