All backed up


Back to the osteo, then. One of my shoulders (the wrong one, the one he wouldn’t have expected) is way lower than the other – though I couldn’t see it myself in the mirror, despite him standing behind me and shrilling indignantly ‘Look at it! I can’t bel-EEVE you can’t see it!’ After 20 minutes of acupuncture, assuming stress positions and listening to my back make noises like a fat person sitting on a bag of crisps, I felt dazed but looser.

Then came the instructions on how to reboot my posture (not my phrase). I listened hard and pondered harder. Swimming crawl is great, but it’s important that I stop reaching with my arms and start pushing with my shoulder blades. Think about that. Give it a go. Eh? It’s really hard to work out which muscles do what, especially when they are so close to your core. When I stood in the kitchen and tried to see what he meant, I’m not sure I got very far. My shoulders didn’t seem to move much, but I nearly farted and I bet I could carry a week’s shopping with my pelvic floor.


2 Responses to “All backed up”

  1. 1 PaulW

    Yeah, start pushing with those shoulder blades! Has this person EVER sloughed off their duds and actually gone for a swim? Ridiculous.

  2. 2 vanessaharriss

    I dunno. He used to tell me to go running and cycling and get Really Fit. But when I went to see him he’d just had hip surgery to correct unsuccessful hip surgery to correct an unsuccessful hip. Wot he’d buggered up by excessive exercise. I was free to smirk unseen when he told me, because I was folded into quarters and he was Preparing The Needles.

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