A funny age


A little trip down memory lane today, when the work that I had been doing from 10.30 to 3.30 disappeared in the Crash of the Indesign. Ooh, it was like being back in the 90s – that mixture of horror and disbelief, expressed in squeaks of ‘It can’t have just gone…’ with hands to face.

There was a telly programme on a while ago that featured the stars of yesteryear. The only one I can remember was Lionel Blair, but anyway, they were all knocking on a bit. The premise was to put them all in a house that absolutely recreated the 70s, or maybe the 60s, anyway ANYway, the point was that their surroundings, food, music, appliances etc all dated back 30-odd years, and without any other stimulus, like exercise or vitamins, they all reported feeling much younger. Strange, no?

I note this only because my quick trip to the 90s had a strange effect. On the one hand I felt young again (tech exasperation, teenage-style rage, angry flush, incipient sulk), but on the other I just felt very very old and tired. On aggregate, then, I stayed the same. Science, eh? Brilliant.

Oh, and it took me 90 minutes to redo the work, save, save, saving as I went.


2 Responses to “A funny age”

  1. 1 Command-S

    and just how many times, since the 90’s, have you been told to save, save, save your work as you go along ? eh, hmm, eh ?

    We don’t say it because we like the sound of it, we say it to benefit you (and us – there’s nothing worse than having to tell someone that, yes the work they have been doing for the last 3 weeks has gone, and no there’s nothing we can do about it……… admittedly, it’s sometimes easier for us to do this over the phone or via email…or by sending one of the underlings up to tell you).

    Anyway, are you sure it was some weird elderly celeb reality show you were watching, my bet is that you sat on the remote and were actually watching the TV Gold channel ….

    • 2 vanessaharriss

      Since the 90s? I think I have been told about five times to save my work as I go, if even that often. This is either because everyone assumes I’ve got the message, or that software autosaves these days. And I didn’t call IT. I just went quiet and hot and a bit sad, then went back in and redid the work. I know better than to give IT more fuel to the ‘They’re all morons’ bonfire that you have burning day and night. But I do feel a bit exotic – as indesign glugged down to Davy Jones’s Locker, it kicked out an error message I’d never seen before. So that was nice. Gave the whole thing, y’know, a sense of occasion.

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