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All backed up


Back to the osteo, then. One of my shoulders (the wrong one, the one he wouldn’t have expected) is way lower than the other – though I couldn’t see it myself in the mirror, despite him standing behind me and shrilling indignantly ‘Look at it! I can’t bel-EEVE you can’t see it!’ After 20 minutes […]

A funny age


A little trip down memory lane today, when the work that I had been doing from 10.30 to 3.30 disappeared in the Crash of the Indesign. Ooh, it was like being back in the 90s – that mixture of horror and disbelief, expressed in squeaks of ‘It can’t have just gone…’ with hands to face. […]

Nice moves


I’d been planning to write something about Libya and the LSE, but found my eyes crossing with boredom as I read it back. Who cares what I think? (Except, ok, can I just make the point that I’m glad countries are asking clever people like the LSE to help rebuild their economies. Far better that […]