Oh heavens, I can’t keep it in any longer. As a freelancer, I get to gad about between many different types of publication, and this week I am at Well Known Fashion Magazine. Everyone is very nice, but being surrounded by people from gene pools that give them small ribcages and elegant hands has worked its magic. I’ve only been here for a few days, but I feel like a bullock, slithering and bellowing past the rails of expensive clothes, setting the chiffon a-shiver with my plebeian slipstream.

Last time I worked here I lost three pounds in five days. This time the feelings of plumpleberry looseflesh are harder to shrug off. So instead of using this as an opportunity to examine and overcome my feelings of inadequacy, I’m meeting my brother for steak and kidney pie in the pub round the corner.


2 Responses to “Chubbytubs”

  1. 1 Look a@ Marie Instyle Claire

    Well, as you state it’s a well known title I’m guessing it’s not one of ours….. I wondered if you were back in the building..

  2. 2 vanessaharriss

    No, but I will be in March. You will know me by the groaning of your lifts… You can buy me lunch if you like. Just fill a bucket with excess and watch, horrified but unable to look away. It’s a caaaar craaaash. Burp.

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